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The North Carolina Association of Floodplain Managers now offers regular webinars on current topics in floodplain management. Please see the right column for transcripts and/or slides from the past webinars.


NCAFPM 2021 Second Webinar  
TOPIC:NC Floodplain Mapping:  2021 Update and Initiatives Update
Thursday July 1, 2021
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Chris Koltyk, Assistant Director, Risk Management – NCEM
Tom Langan, PE, CFM, Engineering Supervisor – NCEM
Steve Garrett, CFM, State NFIP Coordinator – NCEM
Gary Thompson, PLS, NC Geodetic Survey Chief – NCEM

North Carolina Emergency Management, Risk Management will provide a webinar updating chapter members on the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program and National Flood Insurance Program.

Speakers will provide an update on the following:

 Risk Management:

  • NCFMP: Program status updates.

  • HB200: Updates on the NCEM Flood Mitigation Studies and Dam Water Level Monitoring and Alerts

  • NFIP/Outreach: Staff updates, NFIP Data Requests, Risk Rating 2.0, Upcoming Outreach

  • FIMAN: Introduction of Flood Warning Management Engineer and Gauge Maintenance Technicians, and FIMAN updates/improvements

Elevation Certificate Training Offered Online for Surveyors
Certifying building elevations on the Elevation Certificate is a lot easier, thanks to a web-based training module developed for land surveyors, engineers, and architects. The Surveyor's Guide to the Elevation Certificate is a tutorial available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) web site hosted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Located at http://training.nfipstat.com/ecsurveyor/ the NFIP web site provides a wide range of information about all aspects of floodplain management and flood insurance.

See the CERTIFICATION page for additional information on CFM training/review courses.


Past Webinars

NCDOT Updates for Hurricane Season 2021
June 17, 2021
David Key, PE, CFM
Matthew Lauffer PE, CPM
Abhijit Patil, PhD, PMP – NCEM

FIMAN_T: NCDOTs Response Tool for Managing Flood Impacts
March 25, 2020

Tom Langan, PE, CFM
Matthew Lauffer PE, CPM
David Key, PE, CFM
Click here to view slides (pdf file) (Langan)
Click here to view slides (pdf file) (Lauffer)

NFIP and Mapping Updates
January 31, 2020

Randy Mundt, AICP, CFM
Dan Brubaker, PE, CFM
Click here to view slides (pdf file)

From Bats to Geiger: A History of LiDAR-Enabling Technologies
September 25, 2019
Mr. Harold W. Rempel, III, CP
Click here to view slides (pdf file)

Planning for Future Hazards
January 31, 2019
Timothy J Trautman, PE
Click here to view slides (pdf file)

"Floodplain Management Regulations"

July 10, 2018
Dan Brubaker PE, CFM
Click here to view slides (pdf file)

"NCDOT and NCFMP Collaboration
October 5, 2018
Jerry Snead, PE, CFM
Click here to view slides (pdf file)