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General NCAFPM Questions
Amit Sachan, NCAFPM Chair email

NCAFPM Membership Questions
Susan Fradyemail

Board Members

Board member contact information is in our About NCAFPM section

North Carolina Department of Emergency Management
Floodplain Mapping, Management, and Insurance Contacts

NC Floodplain Mapping Program Website
Chris Koltyk, CFM, Director email | 919-825-2310
Gary Thompson, PLS, Assistant Director email | 919-948-7841
Tonda Shelton, CFM, Program Manager email | 919-825-2345
Tom Langan, PE, CFM,
Engineering Supervisor
email | 919-825-2328
Jintao Win, PhD, PE, NFIP Engineer email | 919 825-2317
Dan Brubaker, PE, CFM, Engineer email | 919-825-2300
Scott Gentry, PE, CFM, Engineer email | 919-825-2318
Ao YI, PhD, PE, PMP, CFM, Engineer email | 919-825-2559
David Herlong,
Flood Warning Management Engineer
email | 919-825-2322
Randy Mundt, AICP, CFM,
Community Development Planner III
email | 919-825-2339
Stacey Fuller-Bobbitt, CFM,
Community Development Planner II
email | 919-825-2315
Steve Garrett, CFM, LOMC Manager/
Community Development Planner II
email | 919-825-2316
Hope Morgan, PLS, GISP, CFM, IT Manager for Applications email | 919-825-2336
Jamie Hammermann,
Database Administrator
email | 919-825-2308
Colleen Kiley, GISP, CFM, GIS Manager email | 919-825-2296
John Lay, GISP, CFM, GIS Analyst email | 919-825-2330
Kalpana (Ana) Bastakoti, GIS Analyst email | 919 825-2569
NC Floodplain Management Branch Website
Dan Brubaker, PE, CFM,
State NFIP Coordinator
email | 919-825-2300
Milton Carpenter, CFM
NFIP Planner, Central Area
email | 919-825-2302
Terry Foxx, CFM
NFIP Planner, Western Branch
email | 828-228-8526
Eryn K. Futral, AICP, CFM, CFM
NFIP Planner, Eastern Branch
email | 919-819-1734
FEMA, Region IV
3003 Chamblee Tucker Rd.
Hollins Bldg.
Atlanta, GA 30341-4112
Valerie Anderson,
Natural Hazards Program Specialist
email | 770-220-5661
Dewana Davis, Insurance Specialist email | 770-220-5420
Jason Hunter, CFM, Chief,
Floodplain Management & Insurance Branch
email | 770-220-5414
Kristen Martinenza, PE, CFM,
Cooperating Technical Partners/States
email | 770-220-3174
FAX | 770-220-5440
NFIP Bureau & Statistical Agent - Region IV
Information about policies, ratings, coverage, claims, lender and agent workshops, etc.
David Clukie, CFM
Regional Liaison, NFIP Region IV
email | 678-808-8983
NFIP Consumer &
Agent Information
Floodsmart Website
NFIP Information and
NFIP Agent Referral line
Community Rating System Website
Mandy Todd, AICP, CFM,
ISO/CRS Specialist
1993 Meadowood Lane,
Longs, SC 29568
email | Office/FAX | 843-399-5127
Mike Bratcher, CFM,
ISO/CRS Specialist
213 West Broad Street,
Beulaville, NC 28518
email | Office/FAX | 910-298-2303
FEMA Map Information eXchange (FMIX)


Technical assistance,
LOMA/LOMR requests
toll free 877-336-2627 (877-FEMA-MAP)
Flood Insurance Rate Maps
and Flood Insurance Studies

FEMA Map Service Center
P.O. Box 3617 Oakton, VA 22124-9617


FAX | 703-212-4090

Community Status Book
See Current Effective Map column for FIRM Index date
fema.gov/cis/NC.pdf (pdf file)
NFIP Publications &
Technical Bulletins
Flood Insurance Library
Floodplain Management Publications
Technical Bulletins



Click here to download a printable version of the NC DEM contact list.